Bible Classes

Bible Classes

Classes for all ages…Connecting you with scripture

We are firm believers in Bible school, and we greatly emphasize our Bible school program for all ages. Classes are offered for children of all ages, and various classes for adults are also offered. Our classes are Bible-based, engaging, and taught by people who love the Lord and their students. Classes meet at 9:30 am on Sundays and 7:00 pm on Wednesdays, and we encourage guests to attend.

Curriculum from Apologetics Press,

Students in preschool and elementary classes (through 4th grade) go through the entire Bible two times in an organized, engaging way. Our teachers are engaging and knowledgeable and love the precious students in their classrooms. In addition to the excellent curriculum from Apologetics Press, our teachers have an entire room of curriculum resources for their use and another room dedicated to decorations and design elements. The beneficiaries? Every precious student who comes to class!

When students reach our 5th-6th grade class, they continue with materials from Apologetics Press, but the emphasis changes to defense of the faith. Covering topics such as Creation vs. Evolution, the nature of the Church, and the inspiration of the Bible, students work through the “Explorer Series” from Apologetics Press for these two crucial years, helping them deepen their trust in God.

Teen Biblical Application

For students in 7th-12th grades, we work hard to lead teens through a study of God’s Word while applying that study to their ever-changing lives. Over these six crucial years, CYG (Central Youth Group) students are exposed to every single book of the Bible and are taught by lovers of the Truth.

During these years, students have various types of classes (sometimes divided by grade, sometimes divided by gender, and sometimes together) to better teach both textual and topical studies from Scripture. By the time they graduate High School, students will have gone through the entire Bible in elementary school twice and then again during their teen years while also being taught many critical topical studies.

Adult Bible Classes

Central puts a considerable emphasis on our adult Bible school program. Classes are offered on textual and topical studies, and our elders select teachers to ensure that those teaching love God’s Word and will lead each class in a study of the Truth. Classes rotate regularly (three or six months), so constant excitement about a new study exists. Adults typically have two or three classes from which to choose on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights.

Bible Classes in Action