When You Visit

When You Visit

We understand that visiting a new congregation can be intimidating, but we are glad you are coming our way! When you visit, here are some things you will find encouraging:

We are Christians Only: The church of the New Testament enjoyed a unity far different from the confusion of the religious world today. Many years before the doctrines of men divided the believers, early Christians had no sectarian names, creeds, or organizations. The New Testament believers yielded to the divine authority of the scriptures. We today follow the teaching of Christ and His apostles, thus, are only Christians – just as were the disciples of the first century (Acts 11:26). Our teaching is Bible-centered since the Scriptures are all we need to direct our everyday lives. We are recognized only as Christians, nothing more and nothing less.

You Will Find a Friendly Spirit: From the moment you approach our front doors, you will be warmly greeted. A lot of smiles will be on a lot of faces, because we are a Christian family, and we are thrilled that you have honored us with your presence. Christians love being together and Central has long been known as one of the most welcoming and loving congregations anywhere. If you need a pick-me-up, you are choosing the right place!

You Will Never Be Embarrassed: When you visit with us, you are our respected and honored guests. At the close of the sermon, those wishing to become Christians are invited to step to the front of the auditorium to let their wishes be known. No one will ever pressure you to do anything you do not wish to do. People are urged from the pulpit to accept the gospel and to yield to its call with deep spiritual conviction, but that is a personal decision and only you can make such a decision.

The Worship is Simple, but Beautiful: Singing, prayers, and preaching make up the majority of our time, but we will also spend serious time reflecting on the Lord’s death through communion, and we will also give. You will not be forced to partake in any of these acts of worship, even including giving. As time goes on, you may find that you know some of the songs, so feel free to sing right along. The sermons will be from Scripture and are designed to connect your heart with the heart of God, never sharing our opinion, but only sharing what His Word states.

Families are Welcome: When you visit, you will notice a lot of children and teenagers! We all worship together, because we are one Christian family. Your kids are welcome to be with you and will not distract at all if they are a little rambunctious. We’re used to that, because we feel blessed to have so many children and young people around.